Benefits Realisation

Until recently I have been working with the SSBR team supporting Institutional Innovation projects funded by the JISC. All the projects have now completed their reports and briefing papers are available online on the key topics explored, such as: Podcasting and lecture capture; Mobile technologies; AP(E)L; Mentoring; and e-Portfolios for work-based learning. Go to the Synthesis page to read these short papers. The project list has all the projects funded in the three phases.

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It was the people what won it…

To paraphrase the Sun circa April 1992 (in their headline regarding the general election), this time it’s people power that has been shown to win the day against the might of News International and against the corruption of the media by bent journalists. I’ve just signed the Hacked Off petition calling for a full inquiry into the phone hacking scandal – it can’t come soon enough.

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Salaam, Egypt

Can it be that dictatorship may actually be going out of fashion in Egypt? I certainly hope the movement for democracy goes viral in the Middle East – it’s long overdue. We can watch, we can hope and we can support the change – and sign a petition with Avaaz at

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