Reduce, re-use, recycle…

Last week I said to a friend that I would have to start a campaign to bring back deposits on bottles in Britain, as no-one else seemed to be doing this. It turns out the CPRE are doing this already and you can support it here:

Three online petitions (of the ones I found) failed to get parliament to consider this in recent years, so let’s hope this campaign stands a better chance of success. Better still, why don’t some of the companies involved start now, and not wait till the Bill becomes law? I am particularly thinking of Asda, Marks and Spencer, Waitrose and Coca Cola, which all supported the Prince of Wales’ Start campaign for a sustainable future. This has to be one of the most obvious areas where the UK private sector stopped doing something and left the public sector to foot the bill, with the result that our streets and parks have become dumping grounds for glass, plastic and cans.

I remember that collecting and returning bottles was a good way of getting pocket money as a kid. No stray bottle stayed on a street kerb for long and broken bottle glass was rare. So, let’s get started and go back to a cleaner future, instead of leaving local councils and volunteers to pick up the cost, eh?

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